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Create Your Personal Brand: The Headshot

Crafting your brand is scary. It seems like a lot of effort and it is ridiculously challenging to put that mirror up to yourself and ask "What is it that I truly stand for? What do I want to be known as?"

You know you need to do something. You may be up for the whole package with a complete brand overhaul or you just want to make sure you aren't doing something unintentionally damaging.

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Mel Brooks Talks Storytelling, Hollywood Friendships, And . . . Zombies?

Mel Brooks has been taking audiences along for his ride for decades.  The director of memorable comedies like Blazing SaddlesThe Producers, and Young Frankenstein was also the executive producer of films like The Elephant Man.  He is one of only 14 people to win Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award, and will be given the 41st AFI Life Achievement Award at a gala tribute on Thursday, June 6, 2013. He is also pretty good at telling great stories, or as he put it "I don't do stuff for the audience, I do stuff for me, and the audience usually comes along with me."

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