About Todd

Todd Wilms – Customer-Focused CMO

As organizations look for the best marketing consultant to help them – from strategy to execution – it is important to go beyond the basics of their capabilities and look at their approach to the rapidly evolving marketplace.

Corporate Marketing, Brand, Communications, even Marketing Strategy are all areas Todd has excelled in. In addition, he has led other disciplines on his journey to being a marketing leader and CMO.

Who he is:

1.      Customer focused marketer. Todd knows that what you want to sell is only one-half of the equation. What your customer wants to buy and why, is the other integral half.

2.      Entrepreneurial mindset with enterprise chops. Todd has led teams and programs in large companies, but yearned to be closer to the customer - a more agile program - and to have more impact on the business. Now, he is working with entrepreneurs and founders to bring that expertise to their organizations.

3.      Focused on marketing strategy. Let’s take your business strategy and find the best way to use marketing to make that work. The right message, using the right channel, at the right time, with the right person.

4.      Quick, when needed. Todd has redone entire websites in 6 weeks and launched new business strategies with an integrated campaign strategy in 4 weeks. He can move very quickly.

5.      Detail Oriented, Big Picture Thinker. Todd sees the bigger picture and helps manage that process all the way down to the little details. Along the way, he has learned that “good” is often good enough and the time it takes for “perfection” is seldom worth it.


Who he is not:

1.      Just the “Lead” person. If you are looking for just getting some leads, he is happy to refer you to a few good people as he is not the right person.

2.      Small, incremental changes. If you want to go from zero to 60, then up to 120, with rapid growth and bold moves, this is a great fit. However, if you want to make small changes to go from 120 to 121, he is not the right person.

Currently, Todd is a Chief Storyteller at Consultants Creative. He is a founding member who leads a team of equally-experienced executive consultants and together they work with CEOs and management teams in developing robust strategies and achieving sustainable growth. In the past, he has successfully developed high-level marketing strategies and corporate communications for large tech companies such as Verisign, SAP, PayPal, and Neustar, where he has driven in more than $950M in revenues.

For all these organizations, what stands out is Todd’s solid creativity, business acumen, and marketing and communications expertise. Expect Todd to implement strategic initiatives that are well-integrated, customer-centric, team-oriented, globally relevant, and revenue generating. It is no wonder that he is one of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Bloggers, and a Forbes.com Social Influencer.